Montenegro Press Review – March 30, 2015

Press Review
30 Mar 15

Montenegro Press Review – March 30, 2015

Foreign services must not interfere in the selection of Montenegro’s intelligence officers. The opposition NOVA remains within the Democratic Front. Montenegro’s parliament speaker mediates between the Russian and Ukrainian MPs.

Only international protectorates, colonies, states ruled by puppet regimes or occupied countres can allow such endangering of national dignity and national security in termes that security services of other countries determine the composition of the national security service in Montenegro, the leader of the opposition Movement for Changes Nebojsa Medojevic said.

The board of the opposition New Serbian Democracy, NOVA, supported its presidency position that the party should remain within the Democratic Front alliance, the spokesman John Vucurović announced on Sunday.

Montenegrin Parliament Speaker, Ranko Krivokapic, led the Vienna process which gathered Russian and Ukrainian parliamentary delegation in Germany , in order to try to resolve the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. “The parliamentarians of both countries showed responsibility and commitment sitting at the negotiating table in the crisis circumstances ,” he said.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)