Montenegro Press Review – March 4, 2015

Press Review
04 Mar 15

Montenegro Press Review – March 4, 2015

Comercial banks had 23 million profit in 2014. Montenegro is not afraid of the French veto on NATO enlargement. Montenegro could face bankrupt if it does not agree with the Russians, the EU top official says.

According to recent reports submitted to the Central Bank of Montenegro, commercial banks at the end of last year had a positive financial result in amount of 23.45 million euro. It is 18.45 million more than in the 2013.

The European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker warned Montenegro at risk of bankruptcy in the case that they lose arbitration against the Russian company CEAK whose claims for damages are around one billion euros, and urged the Montenegrin government to negotiate and find a viable solution with Russians regarding the the Aluminum plant in Podgorica.

Statement by the President of France Francois Hollande to advocate for temporary suspension of NATO enralgment was related to the crisis on European soil and Montenegro continued with intensive activities to fulfill its obligations and earn invitation for the membership, the national coordinator for NATO Vesko Garcevic said.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)