Montenegro Press Review – May 11, 2015

Press Review
11 May 15

Montenegro Press Review – May 11, 2015

Macedonia proves that regimes can produce violence if they are in danger. The unidentified gunmen fired shots on the military security. Respect for difference leading value of Montenegro’s multiethnic society, DPM Markovic says.

Violance in Macedonia proves that the Balkans are still highly flammable, and entrenched regimes at any time when they feel that they are threatened can produce violence, the Civic Movements URA warned.

The Army of Montenegro’s unit has been attacked when two unidentified men fired several shots at a military firing range in Zlatica, in the capital Podgoria, which is located next to several facilities where the weapons are stored. The buildings are abandoned for several years but the military still provides secutiry services.

“Respect for difference and tolerance towards convictions of all social stakeholders is the leading value of Montenegro’s multiethnic and multicultural society. Equality of LGBTI people before the law is undeniable and the Government of Montenegro will resolutely fight against discrimination of LGBT persons at all levels, including the implementation of stricter punishment policy,” Montenegro’s Deputy Prime Minister Duško Marković told the press conference on the occasion of the Third International IDAHO Ministerial Forum 2015, which will be opened in Budva on Monday.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)