Montenegro Press Review – May 14, 2015

Press Review
14 May 15

Montenegro Press Review – May 14, 2015

Montenegro welcomes rejecton of Sutorina resolution. Montenegro lawmakers warns plans afoot to revive “Greater Albania”. NATO will not go wrong if it invite Montenegro to join the alliance, Foreign Minister says.

The Montenegrin Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration welcomed the decision of the Bosnian parliament to reject the resolution on Sutorna. “The decision is a strong testimony of the majority will of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina to continue to develop and strengthen the excellent relations between the two countries, based on the principles of international law and values of good neighborly cooperation,” the ministry said.

Montenegrin lawmakers from the opposition Democratic Front on Wednesday accused the government of underestimating the threat of Albanian separatism that, the party believes, is backed by lobbyists across the Atlantic.

Montenegro’s Foreign Minister Igor Luksic expressed hope that Montenegro will continue its involvement in Afghanistan as a future member of Western military alliance. “NATO can not make a mistake invite Montenegro to join the alliance by the and of this year,” he said.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)