Montenegro Press Review – May 6, 2015

Press Review
06 May 15

Montenegro Press Review – May 6, 2015

Prosecution interrogates Minister of Science for plagiarism. NGO MANS filed criminal charges against the former mayors over 3.4 million euro abuse. It is important to avoid scandals like the “Dispatch”, MEP say.

Minister of Science Sanja Vlahovis has been interrogated by the Montenegrin prosecutor in connection with allegations that she plagiarized scientific research on turism. Director of the International Centre for Tourism and Hospitality Research from the UK, professor Dimitrios Buhalis, called on the minister to apologize and resign, because she “literally copied” part of his research “Destinations’ competitiveness in modern tourism’.

Due to the suspicion that they abused the office, NAGO MANS filed criminal charges against the former mayors of the Municipality of Pljevlja Filip Vukovic and Miloje Pupovic. Since 2007, the Municipality of Pljevlja has spent 3.4 million euros for the reconstruction of the House of Culture, but the work have not been completed even after eight years.

Croatian deputy in the European Parliament, Dubravka Suica, said that affair “Dispatch” will not be crucial for euro-atlantic integration of Montenegro, but the damage of losing trust in diplomacy is unnecessary. Over the past two week, media in Podgorica published several confidential diplomatic dispatches. The government has confirmed the authenticity of the leaked secret files and said the security services were on the hunt for the mole in the Foreign Ministry.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)