Montenegro Press Review – November 13, 2014

Press Review
13 Nov 14

Montenegro Press Review – November 13, 2014

Lobbying need to be legally defined as activity in Montenegro. From the anti-grey economy campaign half a million euro for socially beneficial projects. Montenegro’s government launches 4.5 million agriculture project.

Montenegrin parliament ended on Wednesday debate on the Lobbying Act, which provides more efficient control of the activities of individuals or interest groups who in this process attempt to achieve personal interests illegitimatelly.

Owning to active involvement of citizens in combating grey economy and the “Be responsible. It’s up to you. Grey economy 0%” campaign”, more than 500.000 euros has been diverted from the gray zone to socially beneficial projects. Montenegrins reported over 3.5000 irregularities related to grey economy to the authorities, which resulted in collecting over 1 million euro in fines.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the European Union and the World Bank officially launched on Wednesday the IPARD-like programme aimed at supporting Montenegro’s agriculture. The project is worth 4.5 million euro, of which 4.1 million euro will be available to agricultural producers in form of grant support.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)