Montenegro Press Review – November 14, 2014

Press Review
14 Nov 14

Montenegro Press Review – November 14, 2014

Montenegro records rise in cancer mortality rate; EU helps gasification of Montenegro; Podgorica journalism forum aims to raise professional standards.

The latest data from the Ministry of Health showed that malignant disease kills about 1,000 people in Montenegro every year. The country also records 2,000 new cancer cases per year. Minister of Health Miodrag Radunovica said Montenegro had an evident increase in mortality from cancer.

The European Union has launched a new project to start the process of suppling Montenegro with natural gas. The EU Delegation in Montenegro said on Thursday it is the beginning of a long-term process that will contribute to a cleaner environment, and will improve the quality of energy supply in our country.

Lost professionalism in journalism can only be return by the journalists and editors with the support of media owners and those who in any way affect their work, the Head of the EU Delegation in Podgorica Mitja Drobnic said at the opening of Podgorica Journalists’ Forum on Thursday. The organizers of the three-day forum entitled ‘In Search of Lost professionalism” were the Media self-regulation body in cooperation with the Association of Independent Electronic Media and the Association of commercial electronic media.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)