Montenegro Press Review – November 6, 2014

Press Review
07 Nov 14

Montenegro Press Review – November 6, 2014

Montenegro’s Cabinet approves anti-corruption law. Government to discuss 2015 budget bill. Montenegro joins EU LRIT Data Centre.

Montenego’s government approved on Thursday the Bill on Prevention of Corruption, as one of the five priority measures in the context of the negotiating process with the European Commission, Svetlana Rajkovic of the Justice Ministry said following the Cabinet session. The bill provides for the setting up of an independent anti-corruption agency which will unify and strengthen competences of all existing institutions combating corruption in Montenegro. Apart from the competences prescribed by this law, the agency will monitor the implementation of the Law on Lobbying and the Law on Financing Political Parties, Rajkovic added.

Montenegro’s 2015 Budget Bill has been reviewed at Thursday’s meeting of the Cabinet. The discussion underscored the bill has to reflect the actual situation in the country and to define its key policies, the government said in a statement. The intention is to secure stronger support for Montenegro’s priority development projects and encourage investors in order to stimulate economic growth and create new jobs. Continuation of the debate about the 2015 budget bill is scheduled for Monday, 10 November.


Montenegro’s Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs and the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) will soon sign an agreement on the use of the Long-Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) system. The LRIT system enables Montenegro to use the satellite-based tracking of vessels flying under the flag of Montenegro worldwide. The position of all ships is updated every 6 hours, and more often, if necessary. It also provides information on foreign ships which sail towards Montenegro’s ports for the purpose of search and rescue at sea. Introduction of the system is required by the SOLAS Convention.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)