Montenegro Press Review – October 15, 2014

Press Review
15 Oct 14

Montenegro Press Review – October 15, 2014

EU Progress Report could have been sharper and more specific, the NGOs say. World kick boxer champion Ivan Strugar has been shot. Montenegro to deserve NATO invitation through reforms.

The European Commission progress report on Montenegro could have been sharper and more specific in certain areas, such as corruption, discrimination, women’s rights and civil society and media freedoms, the representatives of non-governmental organizations assessed at the document presentation on Tuesday. Montenegro still has no single final judgment of a high-level corruption or a successful indictment for money laundering, the NGO MANS representative Dejan Milovac said.

An unidentified person fired gunshots on Montenegrin and world kick boxer champion Ivana Strugar on Tuesday evening in the capital Podgorica. After Strugar stepped out from his car gunman fired three shots kick boxer’s foot. The police has announced that it has launched an investigation.

Montenegro will make further efforts to achieve the reforms in four key areas in order to earn invitation to join the Alliance by the end of the next year, the National Coordinator for NATO, Nebojsa Kaludjerovic said. At the opening of the Comprehensive Regional Ministerial Meeting in Budva on Tuesday, Kaludjerovic said that NATO’s decision to start an intensified and focused dialogue clearly states that the progress in reforms that Montenegro has implemented in the past has been recognized.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)