Montenegro Press Review – October 16, 2014

Press Review
16 Oct 14

Montenegro Press Review – October 16, 2014

Countries of the region to spend more for armies, NATO official says . Positive Montenegro MP Dritan Abazovic resigned from membership in the party. Montenegro ready for the fight against the Islamic State.

NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General Jonathan Parich said on Wednesday in Budva that countries aspiring for membership should spend more money to equipping the army. “The states that have aspirations to join NATO is expected to demonstrate a commitment to improving defense capabilities, which will require to spend more and more on defense. It means spending less on employees, and more on modern equipment,” Parish said.

The opposition Positive Montenegro party MP Dritan Abazovic said that after recent events in the party there are no elements to continue collaboration with the people “who have betrayed the principles of Positive.” He said hat the leader of the Positive, Darko Pajovic, squandered all the chances that the party had. “Expelling of the members of the Presidency confirms that Pajovic wants to give own goals”, said Abazovic.

Montenegro is ready to cooperate with the region in the fight against global security challenges, whether it is about Ukraine or the threat posed by Islamic countries, Foreign Minister Igor Luksic said. At a meeting of defense ministers of the US-Adriatic Charter A -5 in Budva on Wednesday, Luksic said Montenegro is also fully committed to continuing contribution to the security and stability of Afghanistan through ISAF.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)