Montenegro Press Review – October 2, 2014

Press Review
02 Oct 14

Montenegro Press Review – October 2, 2014

Opposition looking for new solutions and names. Parliament need to elect the Supreme State Prosecutor in October, Interior Minister says. Becic and Damjanovic in the race for the leader of the opposition SNP party.

The leader of the main opposition party, the Democratic Front, Miodrag Lekic said he will accept the invitation of the deputy from the Positive party Dritan Abazovic, to participate in finding solutions to the new organization of the opposition, and if necessary, a joint search for new names that would, as a first among equals, democratically run wide and unique opposition bloc.

The most important task of the Assembly is to elect the Supreme State Prosecutor in October, in order to facilitate the work of prosecutors and police, said Interior Minister, Rasko Konjevic. He said that, regardless of the challenges of Montenegro, the overall level of its security is the same as in other countries in the region. “Safety in Montenegro is at the level of states of the region, and about the same as in the United States”, he added.

The leader of the Socialist People’s Party, SNP, Srdjan Milic will not run again for the presidency of the party at the 7th Congress that will most likely take place on November 18. A source of Pobjeda whitin the SNP said that two powerful currents have already emerged. One is led by the current leader Srdjan Milic and MP Snezana Jonica, who prefer high-ranking SNP official Aleksandra Damjanovic as the leader of the SNP. On the other side is the current led by Velizar Kaludjerovic and some older SNP members who prefer Aleksa Becic, the head of the electorial list of the SNP at the May’s election in tha capital Podgorica.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)