Montenegro Press Review – October 28, 2014

Press Review
28 Oct 14

Montenegro Press Review – October 28, 2014

Swiss Edelweiss Air to launch Podgorica-Cirih air line. Constitutional changes the basis for independence of the judiciary and the prosecution. Income from the games of chance will be nine million euros.

Swiss airline “Edelweiss Air’, which is very present in Balkan region, announced on Monday it will launch seasonal air-line Zurich Podgorica Zurich starting from July 5 nex year.

Representatives of the Venice Commission welcomed on Monday a personal contribution to the Montenegrin Parliament Speaker Ranko Krivokapic in adopting the constitutional amendments, which have led to starting basis for establishing greater independence in the judiciary and prosecution.

The introduction of on-line monitoring system in the field of games of chance would improve control and create better conditions for their preparation, the director of the Directorate for the Games of Chance, Marko Culafic said. This year, he added, income from games of chance will reach figure of nine million euros.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)