Montenegro Press Review – October 8, 2014

Press Review
08 Oct 14

Montenegro Press Review – October 8, 2014

EC progress report on Montenegro would point out some failures, the Foreign Minister says. Ivica Stankovic is the new Supreme State Prosecutor. Montenegro to sighn grant agreements on resolving housing issue of refugees.

Montenegro has opened a number of topics during the process of negotiations with the European Union, so the screening of the European Commission is more detailed than before, the Foreign Minister Igor Luksic said, adding that in this year’s progress report the focus will be on Chapters 23 and the 24.

The Supreme Court Judge, Ivica Stankovic has been elected for a new Chief State Prosecutor at the Parliament session on Monday. In the secret voting, 49 deputies supported Stankovic, which made the three-fifths majority nessecery to elect him. Opposition Democratic Front representatives did not participate because they assessed the voting would be done in an “atmosphere of political staging”.


Montenegro’s Labour Minister Predrag Boskovic and the Council of Europe Development Bank’s official Stephen Sellen signed on Monday the two grant agreements for the commencement of another two housing projects within the Regional Housing Programme in the amount of 9.9 million euros. The two projects will provide housing to more than 120 refugee families in Podgorica and another 68 elderly people in the municipality of Pljevlja.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)