Montenegro Press Review – October 9, 2014

Press Review
09 Oct 14

Montenegro Press Review – October 9, 2014

Neo-ottomanism rising in Balkans, Metropolitan Amfilohije says. IMF Revises Montenego Growth Predictions. Montenegro advances in justice, freedom and security, needs to strengthen anti-corruption policy, EU report on Montenegro says.

Montenegro’s Metropolitan Amfilohije said that currently in the Balkans is on the scene neo- ottomanism, as it clearly can be seen in the relations among Muslims in Montenegro, Bosnia, Kosovo, Sandzak, Macedonia and in the part of Bulgaria. ‘It clear in real politics, especially of Turkey. Turkish Erdogan when he came to Kosovo said Kosovo is Turkey,” Amfilohije said.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) lowered its growth forecast for the Montenegrin economy for this year to 2.3 percent from previously projected 2.8 percent. In its flagship half-yearly World Economic Outlook, the IMF said Montenegro will register deficit of 17.8 per cent of gross domestic product, GDP, while next year the losses could amounted up to 23.7 percent.

The European Commission adopted on Wednesdy the 2014 Progress Report on Montenegro, which reads the country has made progress in the areas of justice, freedom and security, while highlighting the necessity to strengthen the overall capacities in combating corruption. The report also concluded that Montenegro continues to sufficiently fulfill the political criteria, it has developed a solid track record in establishing a functioning market economy and improved its ability to assume the obligations of the EU membership.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)