Montenegro Press Review – September 01, 2014

Press Review
01 Sep 14

Montenegro Press Review – September 01, 2014

New capital elections would be voter fraud and spending taxpayers’ money, the opposition says. Montenegrin Movement for Neutrality supports anti-NATO rallies in the UK. Montenegro has invested 30 million euros in the reconstruction of the Belgrade – Bar railway.

Representative of the opposition party Positive Montenegro, Milos Konatar, said that the new elections in the capital Podgorica would be irrational and spending time and money of the Montenegrin citizens. He expects that the coalition of of Positive and the smaller rulling party SDP could forme a government in the capital city with the rest of the opposition. ‘”I do not expect a new election. I expect that we will agree with the rest of the opposition ,” he said.

Chairman of the board of the Movement for the Neutrality of Montenegro, Filip Kovacevic, sent a letter of support to the organizers of the anti-war and anti-NATO protest, which are organized in Wales this week is, ahead of the Alliance’s summit. Summit of NATO countries is scheduled for September 4 and 5. Numerous European and America anti-war NGOs and political parties have urged their members to join the massive peaceful demonstrations in the cities of Newport and Cardiff in order to indicate the “continuous and aggressive militaristic actions of NATO”.

Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs stated that Montenegro has invested almost 30 million euros in the reconstruction of the Belgrade – Bar railway the last four years, only for the section that runs through the country. According to earlier estimates, the complete modernization of the Belgrade-Bar railway, which would increase its average speed to 100 kilometers per hour, would cost up to 337 million euros. Reconstruction of part of the railway that runs through Serbia would cost 198 million euros, while for the Montenegrin part of the railway needs about 140 million euros.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)