Montenegro Press Review – September 02, 2014

Press Review
02 Sep 14

Montenegro Press Review – September 02, 2014

Turkish Kurds have been illegally transported through Montenegro for 4.000 euros pre person. Montenegro needsa radical political reforms, the opposition Righteous Party clams. Montenegro and Slovakia have developed a “high quality relations”.

Turkish citizens, with the help of the carriers and taxi drivers from Montenegro, arrange and organize the activities of smuggling of migrants, mostly Kurds, a police report said. The report says that immigrants are being smuggled through Montenegro in price from 3,500 to 4,000 euros per person. Immigrants are transferred by planes from Istanbul to Podgorica, and further by vehicles from Montenegro to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

Montenegro needs radical political reforms that would include constitutional revision, the new electoral legislation, free and fair elections, the opposition Righteous Party of Montenegro stated on Monday. “The key conditions for Montenegro’s progress include dismantling of patriotic order and the creation of a new political class. Only the policy that represent authentic civil democracy, secular and free society, can be a long term policy, the party said in a statment. The state in which the political parties are associated with the manipulation, cheating of voters, social parasitism and theft, the praty added, is doomed to hopelessness and decay.

Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic said Montenegro have developed “hight quality and content of bilateral relations”. Djukanovic congratulated his Slovak counterpart Robert Fico National Holiday. “Our recent meeting was confirmation of the continuing political dialogue, further encouraged valorization of potential in a number of areas of common interest, especially in the economic field,” Djukanovic said. He thanked to Fico for the Slovak support to the Montenegro Euro-Atlantic and European aspirations, highly appreciating the support of the country to the overall reform process in Montenegro.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)