Montenegro Press Review – September 03, 2014

Press Review
03 Sep 14

Montenegro Press Review – September 03, 2014

NATO summit as a confirmation of a conditional membership invitation. Montenegro is a leader of the region’s integration processes. Metropolitan Amfilohije brutally attacks Montenegro, former Deputy Prime Minister says.

NATO summit in Wales is very important for Montenegro, and it will finally get a certificate of some kind of conditional membership invitation, said the director of the Organization for the Promotion of North-Atlantic Integration Denis Avdagic. NATO summint will be held in Newport in Wales, on Thursday and Friday. “The summit is important first of all because of the security situation in Ukraine and other crisis regions that again made security the primary focus of Euro Atlantic area states,” Avdagic stated. He said that as far as Montenegro and other countries in the region, the results and messages are known – this will not be the enlargement summit.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Igor Luksic said Montenegro is doubtless a leader of the region’s integration processes. “We opened one third of the EU negotiation chapters, and by year’s end we might open as much as one half, ” Luksic said. The decisions of the forthcoming NATO summit should define the final phase of our integration with the Alliance, he added, as well as provide a clearly set time-frame. “When it comes to regional politics, we have constantly been giving strong impulses to regional cooperation mechanisms in order to stimulate economic growth and regional development, without which we cannot hope for a sustainable process of integration,” Luksic said.

Since the Serbian Orthodox Church’s Metropolitan Amfilohije came to Montenegro, he uses all his forces to erase each of its state and national characteristic, writer and former Deputy Prime Minister Novak Kilibarda said. On Monday, Amfilohije said that opening of the Faculty of Montenegrin language and literature is an interruption of continuous historical, spiritual, cultural, and linguistic being of Montenegro. “There is nothing new here, but I wonder why the authorities are silent. Amfilohije continues to do what he does. Montenegrin authorities should react to his statements,” Kilibarda said.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)