Montenegro Press Review – September 23, 2014

Press Review
23 Sep 14

Montenegro Press Review – September 23, 2014

Montenegro is determined to fight against organized crime. Suspected murderer from Herceg Novi has been arrested. Young people need to help the country’s development, Montenegrin Prince Nikola says.

Montenegro has a problem in the fight against corruption and organized crime and it needs a striking fist in the form of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, the Justice Minister Dusko Markovic said. He added that prosecutors and police officers need to understand the dangers and risks to the state and society that crime carries through security threats. “Formalism, bureaucratic approach, professional distance and vanity, work only during working hours, is putting us in the inferior position in relation to the carriers of organized crime,” Markovic said.

Dragoje Baosic from Bijelo Polje, suspected murderer of Jovan Kosac from Herceg Novi, was arrested on Monday, the police said. Murder of Jovan Kosac has sparked the relly in his hometown of Herceg Novi. A protest walk was organized on Saturday and on this occasion the message was sent to the authorities that all the public institutions in the city will be blocked if Baosic is not arrested by Wednesday.

Petrovic Njegos Foundation established the award “Nikola Tesla” for the promotion of scientific research. This year’s award winners are professor Farida Faousia Charfi from Tunisia and Philippe Le Brun from France, as well as young researchers from Serbia and Croatia, Marko Cvejic and Ante Elez. “Young people need to see that they have a perspective and only with their brains they can accomplish interesting things and support the development of their countries,” the founder of the foundation, Montenegrin Prince Nikola Petrovic, said.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)