Montenegro Press Review – September 29, 2014

Press Review
29 Sep 14

Montenegro Press Review – September 29, 2014

Islamic Community of Montenegro should be under Sarajevo. Bosniak Party seeks the Ministry for Regional Development. Festival of informatics achievements opens in Budva.

Nafiz Kujevic Abdurahman, who had been expelled form the Islamic Community of Montenegro last week, denied claims of the Reis Rifat Fejzic that he was dismissed because he questioned the legitimacy of that religious community. “Unlike many of my colleagues, I wish that the Islamic community become a part of the Islamic Community based in Sarajevo,” said Kujevic, who is an associate of Mufti Muamer Zukorlic.

As a part of the government reshuffle talks, the Bosniak Party seeks a formation of the new ministry for regional development which woudl be headed by their officials. Daily Dan reported that the Bosniak party belives that the government must have saparate ministry for regional development and although its official prime Rafet Husovic i courrent deputy prime minister for regional development.

Festival informatics achievements Infofest 2014, the most significant event of the type in the region, was opened in Budva on Sunday. The Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society has announced that this year’s festival will present the most significant companies in the field information and communication technologies, from the country, region and the worldwide.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)