Montenegro regrets expansion of Russia’s sanctions

BELGRADE – Montenegro’s government has expressed regret over the decision to expand a list of countries falling under counter-sanctions imposed by Moscow on a number of European and North American countries, TASS reports.

“The government of Montenegro regrets the decision by the government of the Russian Federation on including Montenegro in the list of countries falling under a ban on imports of agricultural products, raw materials and foodstuffs,” a report placed on the governmental website said.

“At this moment, the Montenegrin government does not have the list of products the Thursday’s decision covers but it remains committed to the upkeep of political dialogues with Russia and to the buildup of serious relations in all the areas presenting mutual interest,” the report said. “Also, it actively supports an earliest possible elimination of the causes that triggered the imposition of restrictive measures by the EU.”

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told a government meeting on Thursday that he had signed an instruction to expand a list of countries falling under Russian sanctions.

According to the Federal Customs Service of Russia, the overall imports to Russia from Albania, Montenegro, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Ukraine in 2014 amounted to $11.048 bln, or 3.8% of the total value of imports ($286.7 bln). In this case, the share of products, which came under sanctions was $656.2 mln, or 5.9%.

In 2014, Montenegro supplied goods worth $6 million to Russia. Of this volume, the value of products which is subject to counter-sanctions was $40,000 (6.7 tonnes of vegetables and 37.4 tonnes of fruit).

Source: InSerbia News (Montenegro)