Montenegro reliable NATO ally

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Diplomatic representatives of NATO member states assessed that the Alliance, with Montenegro’s admission, received a credible and reliable ally. They, at a working lunch with Defense Minister Predrag Boskovic, welcomed Montenegro’s admission to NATO.

Boskovic expressed his conviction that Montenegro’s NATO membership represents a “positive signal for the entire Western Balkans region, and that the integration of Euro-Atlantic and European structures is crucial for the stabilization and economic development of the region”.

“I believe we can all agree that the Western Balkans can not be stable without a clear Euro-Atlantic and European vision, as Europe can not be safe without the full integration of this region,” Boskovic said.

He stressed Montenegro’s readiness to contribute to the efforts of NATO allies to deal with contemporary security challenges, as well as activities aimed at diverting negative external influences. He added that the Army of Montenegro will continue to contribute to the projection of stability and the strengthening of collective defense, through its participation in international missions and operations under NATO, UN and EU.

The diplomatic representatives of NATO member states agreed that Montenegro, through the very demanding and intensive reforms of the security sector, as well as other parts of the Montenegrin society, showed its commitment to reaching the highest standards of modern democracies and that Montenegro’s membership in NATO confirmed these results.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro