Montenegro secure despite destruction

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Prime Minister Dusko Markovic said that the security situation in Montenegro is at the required level and that our country resisted all attempts to endanger its security.

He assessed that Montenegrin membership in the NATO alliance encouraged foreign investors to expand their business in a country whose legal and economic system satisfied the strict NATO alliance pre-conditions.

At the premiere hour, speaking about the security situation in Montenegro ahead of the tourist season, Markovic said that the security in our country is at a satisfactory level.

“But I do not want to end only with that estimation. One country has been exposed to serious political and security destruction, both inside and outside, for a period of one and a half years. The degree of violation of the political system and attempt of endangering institutions, blurred the image of our country as the safe one.

Regardless of the challenges, we can say that the security situation is at the required level and that Montenegro resisted and sent a clear answer to everyone who tried to jeopardize it,” Markovic pointed out.

The work of the police and the prosecution has contributed to this, as well as coordination with other institutions of the system.

Markovic assessed that Montenegro was recognized by international partners as a credible partner.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro