Montenegro signed a Convention of safety on football games

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Minister of Education Predrag Bošković, on behalf of Montenegro, signed today in Paris a Convention on united approach to safety, security and service measure on football matches and other sports events.

Convention was signed by countries members of Council of Europe with support from Union of European Football Association, in order to establish mechanisms and legal framework for empowering sport events organization against threats of violence.

Bošković said that the Convention is important because it will regulate matters of safety, and it will protect health and welfare of individuals or groups that attend or participate in football matches and other sports events.

“Sports events are there to be enjoyed, not feared”, Bošković said, adding that Montenegro has already been dealing with safety in sports, and that new regulations will be in accordance with the Convention.

Convention defines following matters: internal coordination, safety and security measures on stadions, public places, emergency plans, cooperation with cheerleaders and local community, police strategies and activities, prevention and detention, international cooperation, intelligence exchange, establishing of Directorate for safety and security on sports events and defining its jurisdiction.

Igor Vušurović, director of Directorate for youth and sport, also attended signing of the Convention.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro