Montenegro to allocate 2% of GDP for the defense

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Once it becomes part of the Alliance, Montenegro will be devoted to the objectives and obligations as other members, which means it will allocate two percent of GDP annually for the defense, said the Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg.

On the occasion of the appeal to the member states to increase their investment in the defense to two percent of GDP, he reminded that Montenegro will become a member following ratification of the Accession Protocol.

“Of course, Montenegro will be dedicated to the same goals and commitments like all the members, which means that Montenegro must increase the allocation for defense and move toward the allocation of two percent of GDP,” Stoltenberg said at a press conference ahead of a meeting of defense ministers which starts tomorrow in Brussels.

As he said, some members are large, some are small, but two percent is the measure and fair way for all member states to be responsible in its contribution.

“It is also important what Montenegro is doing, so I expect the contribution of Montenegro as well as Belgium and other NATO member states,” said Stoltenberg, reports Mina.

He reminded that the member states two years ago agreed to increase the allocation for defense to two percent of GDP in the next ten years.

Stoltenberg said that today he has good news, stating that after the end of the Cold War there was a long decline in defense spending when it comes to European States and Canada.

“2015 was the first in many years where we have seen a small increase in the allocation for defense. Estimates for 2016 show the increase when it comes to European States and Canada,” said Stoltenberg.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro