Montenegro to introduce counter measures for imports of fruit and vegetables from Albania in the spring

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Montenegro will introduce counter measures for imports of fruit and vegetables from Albania in the spring, if that country in the next two months does not change excise policy that burdens prices of the Montenegrin wine and beer twice as much as it does the local ones, it was said at the session of the Montenegrin Chamber of Commerce’s Committee of the association of agriculture, food and tobacco industry.

Businessmen also called into mind that Albania, contrary to the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA), aggravates imports of the Montenegrin dairy products referring to the Regulation on aflatoxins, which as they emphasise, is not applied to imports from other countries of the region. Albania also requires that Montenegrin meat products have the European export number, which not in accordance with the principles of the WTO.

It was required that the CEFTA is applied more loosely in Montenegro, thus protecting local producers, as the other signatory states do.

It was estimated as devastating that the food products import-export coverage ratio over the past nine months was just 9%, ie 2% lower compared to the same period last year.

The committee considered the Information on economic trends in agriculture from January to September 2016 and trade analysis for agriculture and food products during the 10 years of the CEFTA Agreement application.

In addition, the project Entrepreneurship innovation in tourism through the production of gastronomic souvenirs based on local inputs – GAS2GO was presented and 2017 work program was adopted.

The session was chaired by the head of the committee Milutin Djuranovic.

In addition to the committee members, the Chamber of Commerce vice president Ljiljana Filipovic and representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Kristina Lapcevic attended the session.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro