Montenegro to Share Embassies, Diplomat Predicts

27 Apr 15

Montenegro to Share Embassies, Diplomat Predicts

Montenegro has a long-term interest in setting up joint representatives offices with other countries in the region, a diplomat in Kosovo has said.

Dusica Tomovic


Montenegro intends one day to set up joint diplomatic representatives offices with a number of countries, including Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania, a Montenegrin diplomat in Kosovo has said.

The Montenegrin Charge d’Affaires in Kosovo, Radovan Miljanic, said the time was not far off when Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia would have a number of joint embassies and consulates.

“We want good relations with Kosovo and all the other neighbours. Reconciliation in the region has no alternative,” Miljanic told the Faculty of Political Science in Pristina on Sunday.

Montenegro and Macedonia signed a contract for joint embassies in 2013. However, concetete steps have been taken only over the embassy in Paris, which is to be used by the two states.

Joint representation usually means joint management of consular affairs and protection and assistance with visas, passports and in cases of accidents.

Montenegro’s Foreign Ministry has so far said that it is interested in sharing office space but not in actually merging diplomatic missions.

Serbia launched an initiative on estabishing joint embassies in the region in 2013. Belgrade said it was making the offer to cut the costs of the diplomatic network.

Based on an earlier agreement, from 2007, Serbia already represents the interests of Montenegro in more than 40 countries where Podgorica has no diplomatic presence. Similar agreements are in place with Macedonia.

Serbian media reported earlier this year that Macedonia and Montenegro will be offered to share Serbia’s new embassies in Ghana, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)