Montenegro will not spoil relations with Russia by joining NATO

Montenegro’s entry into NATO will not affect relations with Russia, said the Ambassador of Italy, Vincenzo Del Monaco. “Russia and Italy have significant traditional ties despite the fact that Rome is a member of NATO since day one,” Del Monaco said.

In the room Committee of the CapitalCity of the Liberal Party, a lecture on aspects of Montenegro’s membership in NATO was held. The guest speaker was the Ambassador of Italy, VincenzoDelMonaco.

“Decision-making in NATO is made by consensus, so that each MemberState shall participate in the decision making process. When you become a member of NATO and Montenegro will participate in decision-making on an equal footing with other members. The participation in the multinational missions and NATO operations is far from binding, but depends on our willingness to participate in such missions and operations, “said the Ambassador of Italy.

Asked why we need a membership in NATO when we are on the road to EU membership, he answered that the answer is obvious, and it is reflected in the fact that the EU and NATO have different nature.

“The EU is not the safety of the hub and is not equipped for the actions implemented by NATO. Bearing in mind that the danger always comes suddenly, NATO membership in Montenegro will be protected from any visible threats or hazards that may endanger national security, and that would have a negative affected the freedom and peace in the country, “said Del Monaco.

As released from the LP, Del Monaco said that the Liberals is the only party that promotes the accession to NATO in this way and that the Liberal Party is the only political organization that invited him to speak about aspects of Montenegro’s membership in the NATO alliance.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro