Montenegro won the lawsuit against Vidakovic in Strasbourg

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European court for human rights rejected as unacceptable the proposition of Dusko Vidakovic who filed a lawsuit against Montenegro in international court in Strasbourg for violation of rights for just trial.

“Mister Vidakovic is a Montenegrin citizen who was on trial in Montenegro for criminal offense of endangering public safety in traffic. The court in this specific case accepted the legal arguments that were delivered by the Office of Montenegrin representative for European court for human rights, deciding that domestic courts in this case not only decided justly and quickly on prosecutor’s demands, but also consistently on several occasions. This decision of the European court cannot be appealed to”, it was stated by the office of the Montenegrin representative for the European court for human rights.

Mr Vidakovic claimed in his lawsuit that Montenegrin judicial system, due to the length of the process, violated his right to a just trial.

He also claimed that the verdict against him was illegal and insufficiently explained.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro