Montenegro’s accession to NATO has been accelerated because of Russia

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Russia’s attempt to obstruct Montenegro’s joining NATO and the fact that the security situation in the world becomes increasingly complicated affect the acceleration of the process of the Montenegro’s accession protocol ratification to the alliance, the professor at the Belgrade-based Faculty of Security Zoran Dragisic and CEO of Alfa Centre Aleksandar Dedovic told Pobjeda newspaper.

The countries of the Visegrad Four – Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic – and the neighbouring Croatia, Albania and Slovenia announced that they would be among the first countries to ratify the accession protocol. Dragisic said a very positive message had been sent and that the full membership of Montenegro was expected as soon as possible.

“Those countries will influence other countries to accelerate the ratification process”, said Dragisic.

Bearing in mind the “Russia’s efforts to change this strategic way of Montenegro via a part of the opposition” and the fact that “the security situation in the world becomes increasingly complicated”, Dragisic said that the countries of the region and Western powers had estimated that another NATO member state in the Balkans might contribute to the stabilisation process.

Dedovic agrees about the importance of the message of the region. He said it was encouraging that they would be among the first ones to ratify the protocol.

“It is certain that in addition to Montenegro’s readiness for membership, their decision to a certain extent is influenced by wider geopolitical events”, said Dedovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro