Montenegro’s Main Union to Stage Mayday Protest

27 Apr 15

Montenegro’s Main Union to Stage Mayday Protest

Union leaders in Montenegro are calling on people to show discontent with government policies at Mayday protests in the capital, Podgorica, next week.

Dusica Tomovic


Marking International Labour Day in Montenegro on May 1, the Independent Trade Union is urging Montenegrins to dismiss worries about publicly expressing dissatisfaction with government policies and join a mass rally.

Citizens need reminding that “we are all slaves to the neo-liberal economy,” the head of the union, Srdja Kekovic, said.

Organizers expect a significant number of workers, unemployed people and students to hit the streets under the slogan “Let’s breathe the freedom”, although similar rallies in recent years drew only a few thousand people.

Union head Kekovic complained that workers in modern Europe are expected to be satisifed with nothing more than “crumbs” from the table.

“Vulgar capitalism tramples on the rights of workers and their dignity and turns them in poor, economic ancillary citizens who are forced to obey to get crumbs from the table,” Kekovic told the press.

He added that workers face “institutional slavery” because the state no longer protects them from rising crime and nepotism.

Montenegro’s unemployment rate of 15 per cent is by no means the worst in the region. However, unions note that about a third of the jobless are university graduates under 30 years of age.

The average monthly salary in the country is around 490 euro, but, according to recent data from the Tax Administration, one in every eight people lives on less than 200 euros a month.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)