Montenegro’s NATO accession protocol will be signed on Thursday

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NATO member states will sign Montenegro’s NATO accession protocol on Thursday, said the national coordinator for NATO Vesko Garcevic.

Garcevic told the public broadcaster RTCG that thereby NATO member states agreed with the fact that Montenegro should become a member of the alliance.

He explained that the final stage of the accession to full membership in NATO would be opened by the signing of the protocol.

Garcevic said that after signing the protocol only ratification remains to be completed, since the parliaments of NATO member states have to ratify the document according to their internal procedures. After that, Montenegro shall ratify the document, thus ending the whole process.

“However, it is important to say that after the signing of the accession protocol, a country de facto entered the alliance, since it will participate in the work of NATO bodies along with other member states. There will be no secrets for it – as of Thursday afternoon when the document is signed, Montenegro will participate in all discussions”, Garcevic said.

He explained that as soon as on Thursday and Friday, Montenegro is to participate in all meetings of the foreign ministers of NATO member states.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro