Montenegro’s New Leftists Carry Torch for Syriza

09 Mar 15

Montenegro’s New Leftists Carry Torch for Syriza

Newly formed Workers Party in Montenegro seeks to rally the country’s ‘disenfranchised’ workers and become the local equivalent to the Greek Syriza movement.

Dusica Tomovic


An opposition MP and former union leader, Janko Vucinic, on Friday announced the formation of a new left-wing party modeled on Greece’s Syriza, which will rally the country’s “looted and disenfranchised” workers.

He told BIRN the party would seek the revision of all privatization deals, the nationalization of all public companies of strategic importance, like the electricity company Eletroprivreda and telecommunications operater, Crnogorski Telekom, as well as some bankrupt factories.

One of the programme principles of the Workers Party will also be “the nationalization of money from foreign accounts” held by Montenegrin citizens.

A longtime union activist, Vucinic has been in the forefront of workers’ protests and strikes for several years. He is currently an independent deputy within the opposition alliance, the Democratic Front.

Vucinic said the party would operate on the basis of the principles of radical left parties all over the world. “We will fight with all democratic and legal means to achieve our goals,” he added.

The Workers’ Party is the fourth political party to be formed in Montenegro in the past five months.

Latest data reveal that Montenegro has more parties per capita than any country in the region – 55 are registered, of which 43 are active, in the country with less than a half a million voters.

About 0.9 per cent of the annual state budget or almost 5 million euro was allocated to finance the parties in 2014.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)