Montnegro will become a large construction site

In the coming years, Montenegro will be a large construction site, and for now the construction of Bar-Boljare highway is running as planned, said Minister of Transportation, Ivan Brajovic.

Together with journalists, Brajovic today visited the Smokovac-Uvac-Matesevo.

He said that in the camp Jabuka there is a lot to be seen.

“We visited other camps, but this at Jabuka, is the largest. Here are 60 trucks, which shows the seriousness of the company leading the work. All works are on schedule and we are satisfied with the cooperation “, said Brajovic.

He added that the camp Jabuka accommodates 600 workers, from Montenegro and China.

Brajovic announced that 56 kilometers of access roads will be built, which also showcases the seriousness of the project.

The minister recalled that preparatory work began on 11 May, and that the deadline for the construction is four years.

“We intensely plan and continue work on other sections; the next is from Matesevo to Andrijevica and it is in the real sense connection with the North, ” said Brajovic. He added that his department was negotiating with counterparts from Serbia, “because we never had an ambition for this to be just Bar-Boljare highway”.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro