Monument to Baresic will not affect good relations with Montenegro



Croat political analyst Davor Gjenero estimated that the monument to Miro Baresic in Draga, Pakoštana municipality, is an unfortunate act, which does not bring anything good to anyone.

Gjenero said for Montenegrin daily Pobjeda tha he was confident that “stupid political decision at the local level will not affect the good relations between the two countries”, pointing out that he was sure that the same opinion share political parties HDZ and SDP.

Barešić was convicted of the murder of Yugoslav ambassador Vladimir Rolovića in Sweden.

Gjenero said that anyone who belongs to the liberal-democratic political field can’t justify a monument to anyone who, at one stage of its life, was using terrorist methods.

“However, this is not message that the State would at the national level. The monument was built in the municipality with traditional stronghold of right-wing radicals. They made a political decision about it,” Gjenero said.

Montenegro Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a protest note to the Croatian Embassy in Podgorica due to the erection of the monument to Baresic.

Gjenero said that in Croatian dominant policy, when it comes to both left and right, nobody thinks of any tightening of relations with Montenegro.

“I think that the whole democratic Croatia fully understands that Montenegro had to react in this way because the victim was its citizen,” he says.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro