Monument to Duke provoking Serbs

President of the Serbian Council Momcilo Vuksanovic said that building a monument to the Duke Mirko Petrovic in Podgorica would be another provocation “towards disempowered and humiliated Serbian people in Montenegro”.

Commenting the news that councilors in the Assembly of the Capital City will discuss the draft decision on the construction of memorial to Duke Mirko Petrovic in Podgorica, Vuksanovic stresses in an open letter that “adopting a decision on raising monument of the proven villain would be another provocation towards disempowered and humiliated Serbian people in Montenegro”.

Clarifications of the regime historians that the crimes of foraging Kuci, Bjelopavlici and Piperi were conditioned by creating a free state of Montenegro with the Serbian and Orthodox population is another blatant lie as a function of falsification of historical facts. These were and remain brave highland Serbian tribes, which throughout history have individually and together guarded freedom and space in which they lived with honour”, said Vuksanovic.

Accusations that, as he said, Kuci especially were more turned towards Shkodra and the Turkish government than Montenegro “annul indisputable historical facts about foraging of Kuci by the Turks and their exile for more than seven years to brotherly Rovci, which had given them shelter.”

“You know that the crimes and bad deeds, as confirmed by tradition, are to be released in the next seven generations. The unwritten rule was confirmed in the case of recognized troopers against their own people, even in the case of Duke Mirko. Therefore, before you make a decision on raising the monument, read the book of Ilija Petrovic ‘Montenegrin foraging of Kuci’, which on the basis of data from the archives of Vienna, Venice, Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Novi Sad and others, tells the true information about this crime”, reminds Vuksanovic.

If, as he said, politics and passion overcome the reason when making the decision, the monument will, sooner or later, suffer the fate of the earlier set memorial, warned Vuksanovic.

“And it will not serve in honor to you”, said Vuksanovic.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro