Moracica projected as a special object with ultra high pillars

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All bridges in the first section of the highway are projected within the same construction system, except the bridge Moracica with ultra high pillars, which is projected as a special object, said director of management of the project Goran Vujovic to Dnevne newspaper, in an interview for the special appendix “All about construction of highway Bar-Boljare”.

According to Vujovic, geomorphic characteristics of the terrain along the prority section of the highay are very complex.

“Elevation is from 50 until the maximum of 1.174 meters. First third of the section is in the elevation zone of 50 do 500 meters, second third is from 500 to 1.000 meters and the last third is from 1.000 to 1.174 meters”, explained Vujovic.

As a result of this, 41 kilometer of the highway consists of large number of tunnels and bridges, as Vujovic emphasized.

“The fact that there are 19 bridges with total length of 4.5 kilometres, 19 tunnels with total length of 19.3 kilometres at this section, which is 58% of its length, says enough about the challenge facing the architects and also about the level of responsibility and scope of work for State commission for technical documentation”, said Vujovic.

We demand the highest technical standards

“At the beginning of this year they’ve been intensified and these last days also finsihed the works on planning and designing key objects at this section of the highway, and those are the longest tunnel Vjeternik and the biggest bridge Moracica whose construction will last at least three years. We can say that the highest technical standards of quality, security and stability were applied here, and we expect it in the remainder of the project too”, explained the president of the State commission for audit of the technical documentation professor doctor Mladen Ulicevic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro