More attention on food safety

The World Health Day is marked today, and this year it is dedicated to food safety. Dr Snezana Barjaktarovic-Labovic from the NGO Centre for Ecology and Health Promotion, said that the World Health Day is celebrated under the slogan “From farm to fork – Safe food”.

She pointed out that the food safety was the area of public health, aimed at protecting the population from the risk of food poisoning and food-borne acute or chronic disease.

“Unsafe food can cause many health problems: diarrhea, viral diseases (first cases of Ebola were caused by contaminated meat), reproductive and developmental problems, malignant diseases,” said Barjaktarovic-Labovic agency Mina.

She stated that the goals of this year’s campaign on the occasion of World Health Day were advancement of knowledge about the importance of food safety for human health, strengthening the capacity of public health and prevention of diseases transmitted by food and improving multi-sectoral collaboration and program activities in the area.

The World Health Organization has defined five key rules for healthy food, first of which is maintaining good hygiene.

One of the key rules is the separation of fresh and cooked food. Barjaktarovic-Labovic has indicated that it is necessary to separately prepare raw meat, fish and seafood from other foods.

Barjaktarović-Labović reminded that proper thermal processing of foods can destroy almost all pathogenic microorganisms.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro