More favorable conditions for fair elections

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The conditions for fair and free elections are much more favorable than in the period before the entry of the opposition into the government, said the vice president, Milorad Vujovic, adding it would take years to correct everything.

“I am proud of what we have achieved for 100 days, but I think that it would take years in the government to correct the distorting reality,” Vujovic said at press conference on the occasion of 100 days of the opposition in the Government election trust.

He said that they have done as much as they could, and concluded that the conditions for holding free and fair elections are significantly more favorable.

“The conditions for fair and free elections are much more favorable and much better than when we came into government, but they are not yet at the level necessary to rule out the irregularities,” said Vujovic.

He said that the ruling party is increasingly nervous.

Vujovic said that the Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, by avoiding to assign specific duties to him in accordance with the law, has shown a clear attitude towards him at the very beginning, so he was not allowed to performs the function in full legal capacity.

“This also is not in the spirit of the bylaws and the Agreement on creation of conditions for free and fair elections,” Vujovic said.

He pointed out that “detecting paths in this maze is very complicated, because someone made great effort to mask all the abuses that were apparently perpetrated for many years.”

Vujovic believes that with his team he contributed significantly to uncovering party-based employment, nepotism, allocation of apartments and housing loans to officials in the amounts of more than three million Euros.

He said that he contributed to the discovery of the contracts that are harmful for the citizens of Montenegro, the amount of the tax debt, unlawful use of properties owned by the state, failures of supervision and adoption of by-laws in order to levy a certain fees, which is harmful to the country.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro