More patience: To Budva without delays after 20th of June

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In spite of announcements that works on reconstruction of the Podgorica-Budva road might have been finished by the 1st of June, this hasn’t happened. The season practically started, the roads are crowded with cars, and some places have total stoppage of traffic for three hours. The way things look now, no delays towards Budva will be possible only after 20th of June, when all works will be finished.

Director of the Directorate for transport Savo Paraca said to Dnevne newspaper that works on the section of the road M-2 from Cetinje to Budva are currently being done on three locations and that they will be finished in the period between 10th and 20th of June.

“Project of reconstruction on location Obzovica-Brajici with 4km length is planned to be finished by the tenth of June. Project of construction of the third lane on Markovici location with 4.5 km length will be finished by 15th of June, while the finalization of works on the project of connection of Budva-Becici boulevard with Cetinje crossroad is planned for 20th of June”, explained Paraca.

Deadlines for these projects are defined by contracts, as Paraca explained.

Government of Montenegro made a conclusion which set 1st of June as the date by which all the works should be finished in order for touristic season to starte normally. This, however, hasn’t happened.

According to Paraca, works in three shifts were introduced in project of Budva-Becici boulevard and operations that can be technically done by night, were done.

“On other construction sites night operations couldn’t be organized”, concluded Paraca.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro