Moscow authorities against the violent destruction

Everything that in any way resembles the Ukrainian Majdan, that is deliberately and heading towards the goal to violently demolish legitimately elected government, is causing condemnation of the official policy of the Russian Federation and President Vladimir Putin personally, a longtime foreign editor of the Russian daily newspaper Kommersant and special correspondent for Balkan, Gennady Sysoev, said.

“There is a reason to consider protests in Podgorica as something that reminds on Maidan revolution – there are tents, protest walks that are not approved, radical demands … Official Moscow would never support something like that anywhere in the world,” Gennady Sysoev said in an interview with daily ‘’Dnevne novine’’.

Commenting the fact that demonstrators are carrying the Russian flags and the pictures of the President of Russia, Sisoyev said it would be wrong to consider those details as the alleged support of Moscow.

“Russian officials think that the relations between the authorities and the opposition are the internal affair of each country. It is, after all, publicly said to BETA agency, and almost all media in Montenegro reported it. Let me say once again, it is known that Russia led by President Putin, strongly opposes the forcible overthrow of a legitimately elected government,” Sisoyev said.

When asked how many Montenegrin foreign policy goal – NATO – is present in the Russian media, Sisoyev said that it certainly is not the center of attention.

“Most articles on Montenegro are about tourism. After all, during the summer season, every day there were at least ten flights from Moscow to Montenegro. So the Russians are coming to spend the summer here because they like it. I see no reason why something would change in the future, “he stressed.

Moscow, he said, does not hide that it does not like the expansion of NATO.

“But, as President Putin said to Prime Minister Djukanovic in 2004 that Russia would respect the decision of the citizens of Montenegro, official Moscow also says it in the case of NATO,” Sisoyev concluded.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro