“Moscow regrets that there is no referendum”

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Moscow regrets that the authorities in Montenegro refused to hold a referendum on the accession of the country to NATO, the spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said today.

Montenegro’s accession to NATO is in full swing but no one asked for the opinion of the citizens of Montenegro, Zakharova said at a press conference, Russian news agency Tass quoted.

According to her, Montenegrin citizens are in favor of the referendum because it is “an important step which will not pass without consequences on the international scene.”

NATO members on 19 May adopted a protocol on the accession of Montenegro to NATO, awarding it with the status of observer. After ratification by all NATO member, Montenegro will automatically become the 29th member of the Alliance.

Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic earlier said that the future composition of the Parliament after the elections in October should decide whether the NATO membership should be decided on in the Assembly or in a referendum, noting that he is convinced that the referendum would give a positive response to this question.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro