Mothers returning to Rozaje

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After seven days spent in front of the Government, mothers from Rozaje have decided to return to Rozaje, where they will continue the protest.

There they will decide next week whether to return to Podgorica.

They said that they have brought the decision to return to Rozaje after the visit of the representatives of the NGO Euromost from Bijelo Polje, who came to ask them to continue the protest in front of the Rozaje Employment Agency and the Centre for Social Work, because of the consequences for their health.

“After consultations, all the mothers have decided to accept the invitation of the organization which was with us from the beginning. It was also obvious that we are all exhausted and sick, which was the reason that the two mothers have urgently returned to Rozaje last night, because their health has deteriorated,” the mothers from Rozaje said in the statement.

Tonight, as stated, they will rest in their homes, and continue with the protest tomorrow.

“If our problems are not solved in seven days, we will again get in front of the Government of Montenegro, but surely we will not give up with our demands,” the mothers said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro