MPs spend more on their phones than on fuel

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Representatives of the Parliament of Montenegro spent 30.912 EUR using official mobile phones during this year, and 22.339 EUR on fuel.

Department for public relations and protocol of Montenegrin Parliament stated that the Parliament pays for the bill of president and vice president. Representatives get 100 EUR a month for their phone bills.

“Mobile phone bills in the Parliament cost 30.912 EUR for the period of December 2015 until May 2016”, they said in the Parliament.

President of the Parliament Darko Pajović said they would have to rationalize expenses, promising he will try to get mobile phone expenses to cost 50 EUR instead of 100.


Official cars are granted to the President Darko Pajović and vice presidents Milutin Simović, Suljo Mustafić and Branko Radulović, presidents of working bodies, chiefs of representatives’ clubs, secretary general of the Parliament and his deputy.

Other employees of the Parliament who have a driver’s licence also get a right to use cars in special cases.

“Fuel expenses were 22.339 EUR during the same time period”, they said in the Parliament.

When it comes to representatives’ salaries, they have been increased due to Law on earnings in public sector. Their earnings are now up to 400 EUR, while some get more than 2000 EUR a month.


When asked how much was paid out for salaries, travel expenses, day wages, they said that for the period of January to June, 730.039 EUR was paid out.

Travel expenses, day wages and nights were paid out in the amount of 102.638 EUR.

Representatives also get day wages for Parliament’s sessions and working bodies.

This right is being used by 42 representatives, while travel expenses for coming to Parliament with their own vehicle are covered for 57 representatives.

Staying in hotels or 330 EUR a month for renting apartments

“Representatives who do not live in Podgorica have a right to get residence covered, either have hotel paid or receive 330 EUR a month for renting an apartment”, they explained in the Parliament.

This right is used depending on the dynamics in the Parliament’s work.

“So far, 11 MPs used this right from October 2015 until June 2016. Expenses for rent was used by 2 MPs”, they stated in the Parliament.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro