MPs submitted resolution on support for NATO membership

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MPs of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), Positive Montenegro (PCG), the Social Democrats (SD), Liberal Party (LP) and the minority parties submitted a draft resolution on support for Montenegro’s membership in NATO and demanded an emergency Parliament’s session to discuss the document.

The draft resolution states that during the ten years since the independence restoration, Montenegro showed a clear vision and persistence in achieving strategic foreign policy priorities – membership in NATO and the European Union.

“Convinced of the results Montenegro achieved and the reforms it conducted in order to achieve long-term security and stability, promote the rule of law, strengthen democratic and economic environment, we express once again the firm commitment of the state to become a part of European and Euro-Atlantic community”, the draft document says.

The draft resolution also says that the Euro-Atlantic and European integration are the pillars which today’s Europe is based on and that they are guarantors of stability, security, cooperation among European nations, but also the foundation of peace, economic and social prosperity that Europe has achieved since the Second World War.

“The membership of Montenegro in NATO… represents a historic decision, not only for Montenegro, but also for the alliance. Our neighbours will get another friend in the alliance and NATO will get a sincere and reliable promoter of its values at the historically unstable region of the Western Balkans”, the draft resolution says.

“Bearing in mind that the integration of Montenegro into NATO represents interest of the state and society as a whole, we invite representatives of political parties who support membership in NATO to continue and intensify their activities in this regard, but also those having opposite attitude to constructively engage in the dialogue on this topic with arguments, without prejudices and daily political frictions”, the document says.

As the MPs stated, it is necessary to continue the dialogue, which would be open to the professional public, non-governmental sector, the media and the academic community, with the aim to achieve a better understanding of the importance of integration into Euro-Atlantic structures.

The document adds that NATO membership is a strategic goal of Montenegro, which guarantees the stability and security of the country, the preservation of its territorial integrity and sovereignty.

The draft resolution states that full membership in NATO will ensure further strengthening of Montenegro and its institutions in terms of dealing with regional and global security challenges, including threats such as cyber crime, migrations, religious and national extremism, terrorism, organised crime and corruption.

The request for scheduling the session of the Parliament to discuss the draft resolution was supported by the MPs of DPS, PCG, SD, LP and the minority parties.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro