MPs want to curse and attack, but not to report each other

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Anyone watching sessions of the Montenegrin Parliament is the last few months surely thinks MPs are waging bloody wars between themselves. This, apparently, is not true. You could see how united they were when they wholeheartedly voted to increase their own wages. The latest proof is the fact that, although they constantly scream at each other, attack, curse and repeatedly call for sanctions to the opposing club, they refuse to report one another. And this is not a report submitted to the police, but to their own Committee on Human Rights and Freedoms. There hasn’t even been a single anonymous report, which clearly tells us how MPs, regardless of their differences, “keep each other’s backs”.

Despite the fact that almost every party organized an urgent press conference after their latest outburst, and that they ran to complain to citizens about how their colleagues are rude and indecent and should be punished, MPs didn’t think about resolving this issue on their own. Not through the media, not through citizens – but using their own powers.

The Human Rights Committee is there to decide whether a deputy violated the Code of Ethics. But the Committee cannot act simply because it believes “something has happened” – MPs need to report a colleague who is being “problematic”.

“There are no reports, public or anonymous”, said for CdM news portal Deputy Chairwoman of the Committee, Ljiljana Đurašković, from the Democratic Front, who is the only person who may convene a session to talk about morality.

For some time now, Mrs. Đurašković has been accused by a part of the public of refusing to convene this session because the perpetrators of most brawls in the Parliament are her party colleagues from DF. She rejected such allegations explaining the procedure:

“In order for me to convene such a session, someone must submit a written report to the Committee. This report needs to specify the name of the MP who has violated the Code, and the way in which it was done. So we need to have someone behind this report, we need to have a perpetrator, and we need to have the accusation”, she said.

Mrs. Đurašković, however, was not as transparent when CdM asked whether she will convene the session if such report is filed against her colleague, Branko Radulovic.

“We’ll wait for the application”, she told us.

When CdM asked how come none of the 81 MPs reported each other, despite the brutal, street-like showdowns, Mrs. Đurašković said MPs too are “normal people” who get angry and lose control.

It seems that everyone in the Parliament prefers to behave like MPs are mere spectators and not leading characters of the clashes. The public, however, knows that consequences of such behavior would be dire for the actual “normal people”, if they were physically assaulting and cursing their colleagues.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro