Mrs. Ilinčić questioned twice in the Prosecutor’s Office during 2014

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Serbian citizen Olivera Ilinčić, considered to be a key player in a number of Budva affairs, was interrogated in the Special Prosecutor’s Office back when Mrs. Đurđina Nina Ivanovic was the head of the apartment, Pobjeda daily learned from multiple sources. This was years before Montenegrin authorities issued an arrest warrant for her, making Mrs. Ilincic go from witness to suspect.

Numerous evidence in possession of the Special Prosecutor’s Office indicate Mrs. Ilinčić was the “right hand” of senior DPS official, Mr. Svetozar Marovic, who ten days ago signed a confession that he was the mastermind behind a high-level criminal organization operating mainly in Budva. Ilinčić is suspected of fraud in three cases – “Bulevar”, “Krapina” and “Waste waters”.

Everything started with “Košljun”

Mrs. Ilinčić first visited the Prosecutor’s Office in 2014, where she answered questions in the investigation of reselling the state land in Kosljun (municipality of Budva) as a citizen.

That same year, Ilinčić went to the Special Prosecutor’s Office, but this time, as a witness. She was supposed to explain how millions of euros were transferred from the accounts of residential Budva families Dragovic and Divanović to Property Investment company, which is in her ownership.

Court proceedings found that a yet unidentified person falsified an annex to impose to Zoran Divanovic the obligation to guarantee with his 1,318,556 euros for repayment of the loan that the First bank gave to Property Investment.

Case “Kosljun” was opened when the court needed to find the person who ordered the false annex, based on which, the money mysteriously disappeared from the accounts of families Dragovic and Divanović.

Case “Zavala” was also opened, in connection to many Prosecutor’s findings.

Commercial (non)cooperation

From August 2015 to January 2016, the Prosecutor’s Office opened eight cases within whose investigations 30 people were arrested. Among those arrested in early January, was financial director of Property investment, Mrs. Katarina Radosevic, who claims she was only the formal cover for this position, and that she actually worked at the behest of her cousin Olivera Ilinčić.

Olivera Ilinčić was a business partner of Serbian businessman Stanko Subotic and also advisor to Svetozar Marovic, back when he was president of the state union of Serbia and Montenegro. In his recently signed plea agreement, Mr. Marovic claims that the creator of the multimillion frauds was in fact Mrs. Ilinčić, who had direct access to the accounts where the money ended up.

Some of these accounts have since been blocked by the Special State Prosecutor’s Office. They include companies Property investment, Gugi commerce and Copyright, which currently hold over 15 million euros. Ilinčić also served as Governor of the National Bank of Yugoslavia, and at one time, was CEO of Futura Plus company, owned by Stanko Subotic.

When it comes to Montenegrin business activities, Ilincic was first mentioned in the summer of 2012, in an affair relating to the sale of tens of thousands of square meters of land in the vicinity of the Splendid hotel in Becici. Litigation against Good Location Properties, a company led by Mrs. Ilinčić, was launched by one of Marovic’s associates, Mr. Zoran Mugoša, who claimed that he never received his money.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro