Mrvaljevic: I was absolutely better, but then I made a mistake…

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Montenegrin judoka Srdjan Mrvaljevic said that a mistake cost him elimination at the start of the Olympic tournament, although he was better than Moldovan Duminika.

Montenegrin judoka was stopped in the first round in the third Olympic tournament in his career.

“I was absolutely better during the two-thirds of the fight and forced the opponent make two mistakes. Then I made a mistake, which he used for a yuko point. I tried to make a reverse, but as the end of the fight was approaching, I got another penalty point. Towards the end I had to take further risk and he scored from a counterattack again. I’m sorry, because a moment of carelessness caused the defeat, but that is judo about”, Mrvaljevic said.

He believes he did not finish his career in this sport.

“Now I’m going to rest for some time and I will see what to do. This will not be the end. There will be the World Cup in Budapest next year and that tournament could be the last one for me”, Mrvaljevic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro