Mrvaljevic: Moldavian is dangerous, but not invincible

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Montenegrin judoist Srdjan Mrvaljevic will fight against Valeriu Duminica from Moldova tomorrow around 5 pm, at the beginning of the Olympic tournament.

Mrvaljevic and Moldavian are long time acquaintances, since they’ve already fought seven times against each other.

„Moldavian is fifth in Europe and seventh in the world. He is a tough fighter but he’s not invincible. I have some qualities of my own which I’ll try to take advantage of. I am well prepared, both physically and mentally. It remains to regulate my body weight, I need to lose 1.5 kilogram which is easy and I will enter the fight ready. I’ll do my best to win, like I always do”, said Mrvaljevic.

Mrvaljevic also commented the gold medal the judois from Kosovo won yesterday, Majlinda Kelmendi.

„That is not a surprise at all. Majlinda is a great champion, twice the champion of the world, she’s the most consistent competitor at the moment. She justified the role of the favorite and brought great joy to her country”, said Mrvaljevic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro