Mugosa: They lack the courage to come

Representatives of the opposition parties said they were not attending a session of the Committee on International Relations and emigrants send a clear message on the appointment of Miomir Mugosa for ambassador in Slovenia, while the Sctial Democratic Party (SDP) claim that their MPs could not come due to previous commitments.

Session of the Committee on International Relations and immigrants was not held due to lack of quorum, as representatives of opposition partiesy and the SDP did not come.

Commenting failure to hold the session Mugosa said that he is always ready to deal with political rivals, “and why they did not come, one should ask them”.

According to him, such a situation is not unusual in the Montenegrin political scene.

“Nothing unusual, I hear that there were some announcements and threats, but it is obvious that someone has not got the courage to face after my comments on the new employee engagement”, said Mugosa to reporters in parliament.

The session will be scheduled and held in the coming days.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro