Mujović charged with fraud

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After a six month long investigation, Primary State Prosecution charged Veselin Vesko Mujović with fraud.

Before the charge was raised, many witnesses were questioned, among which Lazar Rađenović, Đurđina Marović, Nenad Krstajić, Vladimir Prelević. Expert financial witnesses confirmed their testimonies, Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily writes.

Mujović was arrested on February 17th under suspicion that he took 890.000 EUR from Svetozar Marović, former DPS official, to supposedly help him with investigations lead against him.

He is also charged with extortion of 20.000 EUR from the father of Lazar Rađenović, Ljubo, in order to help his son be released from the charges in Budva affairs.

The accused is also under suspicion for trying to extort former manager of Budva municipality Aleksandar Tičić. He asked for 100.000 EUR in order to “influence the Prosecution to release him from charges in Košljun case”, but the former manager refused.

Extended reprimand

Based on the suggestion of Prosecution, Primary Court in Podgorica decided to extend the reprimand for Mujović, who has been in Spuž since February this year. Mujović’s punishment was extended due to severity of the acts he is charged for, and due to the danger to repeat said acts should he find himself released.

Mujović was recently questioned in the Special Prosecution due to letters that were made public, in which he writes heavy allegations against Svetozar Marović. He writes that former DPS official was relentless in trying to illegally obtain large sums of money.

Apartments and cars taken from Mujović

Five jeeps were taken from Mujović and his family in May, along with three apartments in Podgorica and some land, in order to check whether the properties were acquired illegally.

The financial investigation took four Land Cruiser jeeps from Mujović, that were in his name, and one Toyota Rav4 that was in the name of his daugher Seka Mujović. Land of 17.748 square meters was also temporarily taken, along with two apartments in the name of his wife, Katica Mujović. One apartment has 107 square meters and two garages of 12 square meters, while the other apartment has 102 square meters.

Apartment in the name of Seka Mujović was also temporarily taken. This apartment has 107 square meters and two garages of 13 square meters. Mujović and his family had their property taken by a decision of Primary Court, on the suggestion of Primary State Prosecution.

Missed hearings due to illness

Mujović missed his hearings several times, citing bad health condition. His attorney Miloš Vuksanović told the Prosecutor that Mujović has angina pectoris diagnosed, along with epilepsy. His thyroid gland was removed due to tumor, he has hypertension and severe case of diabetes. During the investigation, in the name of protest, he refused to take his therapy, which made his condition worse, the attorney explained to the Prosecutor then.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro